OCTOBER 6, 2021 AT 9:00PM EST

Our team is calling it the most exciting production to ever hit the mini screen – our third MINISO Livestream! Tune in for our $500 giveaway, exclusive discount code, fun game segments, product showcases and more!

This month’s theme is Halloween Mystery! Watch our host as they explore your MINISO must-haves while competing in entertaining challenges, and giving away so many freebees it would make Oprah proud! Please also welcome our host for this month @baomagic, most well known for her TikTok videos with over 170K followers, and 20k followers on Instagram!!!

We can’t wait to have you join us on our Halloween MINISO LIVE with @baomagic. Make sure you don’t miss any of our important updates over the next few days by clicking the buttons below!

Pro-tip: the $500 giveaway is exclusively for MiniFriend Members only – good news is, it only takes 30 seconds to sign up and it’s completely free! Plus, we even throw in 60 welcome points to get you started!

This one’s for the history books! And now, we wait…