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How MiniFriend Works

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MiniFriend lets you earn $1 for every 20 points you collect. For every $1 spent (pre-tax), you collect 1 membership point. Members are able to redeem their points when they have collected 100 or more points. Points can only redeem the product price before tax.* The program only applies to in-store purchases and can only be redeemed in-store at Miniso Canada.


*For example, if you have 200 points, it can be redeemed for $10 at the cashier. However if the order total comes to $9.95,
only $9 worth of MiniPoints can be redeemed, not $10, since redemption of points are calculated before tax.
*Miniso Points have no cash value and are not exchangeable for cash
*Quebec, Halifax and Yellowknife stores are excluded from this program

Frequently Asked Questions

It is our free loyalty program in Canada that lets you earn points on all your merchandise purchases and redeem those points for in-store credit.

Please click here  or visit in-store to sign up. All stores will be able to collect and redeem points except for our locations in Quebec, Halifax and Yellowknife.

Points can only be redeemed in-store. Please inform our cashier that you would like to redeem points for the current purchase. You are able to redeem points when you have collected 100 or more points.

As a MiniFriend, for every 20 points, it can be redeemed for $1 in-store credit. Some exclusions may apply. Points can only be redeemed when you have collected 100 or more points.

The amount of points in your account is printed on your receipt or it can be checked by one of our cashiers in-store. You can also click here.

If you forget to inform our staff about being a MiniFriend, you can email us at with a copy of your receipt only for purchases within the past 7 days.

Unfortunately at this moment in time, we cannot process points on online purchases. This program is only to be used for in-store purchases. However, it will be our plan in the future!

All unredeemed points expire when you have not collected or redeemed points for 12 months. If you have questions regarding the date of your last point activity, you may email for more information.

For every $1 spent in-store, you will collect 1 MiniPoint. For example, if you spend $100.99, you will collect 100 MiniPoints and cents do not accumulate indefinitely.