Co-founder of MINISO: Miyake Junya

Miyake Junya serves as the co-founder and chief designer of MINISO, after a successful design career at a number of international fashion and casual brands. After graduating from the Bunka Fashion College, one of the top fashion design institutes in the world, Miyake Junya rapidly emerged in the design field. With his design philosophy of “simple, natural and quality”, he became the leader of the Japanese school of “natural lifestyle” and a contracted designer for many international brands.

Today, Miyake Junya leads the design team in Japan and is guided by the principle “back to the essence of products.” He is excited to share the Japanese design philosophy with customers around the world and continue to provide excellent products and genuine goods at a fair price.

Co-founder of MINISO: Ye Guofu

Ye Guofu is a leader and visionary in his mastery of the trendy fast-fashion industry. During the period of Chinese economic transformation, he seized the opportunity to improve the social quality consumption patterns, establishing a brand new business model in China, which monopolizes China’s offline flow of customers. In 2013, he assembled a team of Japanese designers to be the shareholders and established MINISO. They have opened 1000 stores around the world within three years. By 2015, MINISO’s global revenue reached USD 750 million.

Ye Guofu believes the era for “good quality with low price” products in China has just begun. In this era, the actual value of a brand should be beneficial to millions of people. These very values and principles have induced the inception of MINISO.