23 Sep, 2018

MINISO gift basket ideas

23 Sep, 2018

Do you have lots of birthday babies around you lately but don’t know what to get? Miniso’s wide variety of items will be sure to allow you to find something for your friend/family. You can package it together or gift it separately!

We have 2 special gift basket ideas for you – one for that stationary addict, and the other for a tech junkie.

*Prices at in CAD and may range from region to region. Prices in the post are based on Ontario.

Dear Stationary addicts…

1 – PENS


Miniso has a wide variety of pens to select from! Here are our Acrylic Water-based markers.

Pens pricing list:

2 – Gift tags $2.99 each


Attach these onto any gift. Simply fill out “To/From” at the back and off the gift goes!

3 – Stickers $2.99 each


These 3D stickers make any card/notebook instantly stand out! We know there are always sticker collectors out there, and this would be the perfect gift for them.

4 – Notebooks. Range from $2.99-$3.99


How cute are these PINK PANTHER themed notebooks?

5 – White out. $2.99


Yes, we all make mistakes but some can easily be fixed!

Dear my favourite tech junkie…

1 – “Transformer” Mouse $9.99


Wireless. Bluetooth. Chic.

2 – Charging cord $4.99 + earphones $7.99


Did you know that Android Chargers can be used to charge many devices other than cellphones? They’re so universal!

3 – Bluetooth speaker $16.99


Compact & ready to go!

4 – Earphones $7.99


Also comes with a pouch! We all hate it when earphones gets lost and tangled right? Help a friend out by gifting this to make your friend’s life so much easier.

5 – MicroUSB Charging Cable $4.99

Plug this into any USB outlet and charge your phone without the long cord being tangled.