Miniso lunchtime essentials for back to school

Here are a few Miniso items to make your lunch prep a breeze!

1 – Lunch box – 500ml $4.99 CAD

This Miniso one is great if you want to split your dishes!

Today we’re packing some noodles for lunch.

2 – Utensils – 2 for $2.99 CAD

Or else how would we eat right? You can mix and match or find a pair in our store!

3 – Water bottle – $3.99 CAD

It’s important to stay hydrated all the time! Water bottle is an everyday essential.

4 – Lunch bag – $2.99

Pack it all together in our Miniso lunch bag. Easy to carry with you on the go and small enough to fit in your backpack!

Remember! Staying healthy isn’t hard at all! Packing lunch shouldn’t be a chore, but a fun activity that you can share with your kids, roommates and family. The more the merrier!