Miniso items that will impress your friends!

Here are few cool items you can find at Miniso!

1 . MINISO Facial Cleansing Brush $19.99 CAD

Forget about Clarisonic or Foreo, Miniso has our own facial cleansing brush!

2 . WE BARE BEAR speakers $19.99

Have you ever seen a round bear speaker? Now you have! Perfect for traveling or spending a day out with friends/family at the park!

3 . Selfie light $7.99

Lighting is always an issue, especially at night! Use our selfie light to get the perfect selfie with your girlies!

4 . Giraffe Lamp $12.99

Have you ever seen a giraffe in its natural habitat? Now you have!

5 . Fashion Alarm Clock Cultivation $7.99

It’s easier to wake up when you have such a pretty clock!

6 . Changing plushies $7.99 CAD

Pretty much self explanatory! 2 in one stuffies!