Miniso products to help you get a restful sleep before the first day of school!

Hate to break it to you but long summer nights are almost over! It’s time to get back into the school mindset and the first thing to do is to get yourself back into a proper bedtime routine. You don’t want to be late for your first day of class!

We’re bringing you a list of items that will help you get back to a regular bedtime routine.

1 – Grab a plush toy to sleep with – Cuddle buddies are always the best, wouldn’t you agree? Make sure to stop by our stores and give our plushies a SQUEEZE! We promise you’ll want to take one home.



Plushies range from $4.99 – $19.99 CAD

2- Eye protection lamp – Electronics are consuming our worlds…use our eye protection lamp to shield your eyes from the rays of your phone screen. It’s also great to use as a night light or reading lamp! Perfect for a relaxing night.


Eye Protection Touch Lamp – $12.99 CAD

3- Scent Diffuser – Sometimes a little scent in the room can help you relax! Who doesn’t like a good smell?


Aroma diffuser – $7.99 CAD

4 – Sleep mask – It’s crucial that your room is dark enough for you to have a restful sleep in and using a sleeping mask can do that just that without splurging on blackout blinds.


Sleeping Eye Mask – $2.99 CAD each

5 – Humidifier – Is it too dry where you are? It sure is here in Toronto! Add a little humidity into the room to increase ventilation for easier breathing.


Essential oil Humidifier – $24.99

6 – Blanket – Always need a soft go to blanket to sleep with!


Blanket – $7.99 CAD / each

7 – Eye masks – Pamper yourself before sleep and be sure your night will be a restful one!


We Bare Bear Eye Mask – $3.99 CAD / box

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