07 Feb, 2018

10 MINISO Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas She’ll Love!

07 Feb, 2018

Buying Valentine’s Day gifts for your girlfriend doesn’t have to be a stressful process. Take a step beyond chocolates and roses and surprise her with gifts she wouldn’t expect. Our Suggestion? Something that she’ll find thoughtful, cute and can keep for months and years on end. Trust us, we got you covered!

In the list below, we’ve rounded up our top 10 Valentine’s Day gift ideas. From beauty products like lipstick to stylish lifestyle goods, your girlfriend will surely love them as much as she loves you!

10 MINISO Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas She’ll Love

  1. True Queen Lipstick

She is the true queen after all. Bonus if she is a fan of bold colours!

  1. 10000 mAH Mobile Power Charger

Is her phone battery always dying from texting you? Don’t threat, our battery pack will keep your conversations uninterrupted.

  1. Stuffies (Penguin)

When you’re not there, a stuffie will keep her company until you’re back!

  1. VR Glasses

She will definitely not expect this gift and that is the best part. Endless fun will ensue with our VR glasses.

  1. Coin Purse

Cute, compact and #aesthetic, she’ll definitely find good use in this. Available in 3 colours (Blue, Pink & Black)

  1. Portable Metal Bluetooth Speaker

Cool and functional, she’ll be bumping tunes in style.

  1. Casual Style Backpack

School or the runway? Either way, she’ll be ready to go!

  1. Sakura Body Lotion

Spa in a bottle, this will keep her relaxed on her stressful days.

  1. Water bottle

Cute and keeps you hydrated? What more could a healthy girl want?

  1. MINI PONI Beauty Series

Our fan favourite make-up line. From Fix Loose Powder to lipstick, she won’t be able to resist!