22 Sep, 2017

Top 10 Finds at MINISO Canada

22 Sep, 2017

MINISO Canada, the designer lifestyle brand, brings shoppers what they love most: high-quality and stylish goods at an affordable price. The great thing about MINISO is its diversity of products, whether you’re stocking up on supplies for school, following the latest beauty trend, or picking up an item or two for your home – there’s plenty of variety to suit your needs and lifestyle.

With new products launching every month, the store is constantly stocked with new and changing items. Check out our Top 10 finds at MINISO Canada:

1) Pillows

Time to get cozy and relax with one of MINISO’s many pillow options. From cute and cuddly to one of their popular U-shaped neck pillows, MINISO will help you achieve the Danish concept of “hygge” (cosiness) in your life.

2) Beauty Goods

It’s no secret that Asian beauty products have finally earned a major following. No need to travel abroad to find these sought-after beauty goodies. You’ll find a selection of popular sheet masks using the latest skincare science, or find your signature MINISO fragrance. Plus, stock up on cosmetics, tools and accessories, and other beauty essentials.

3) Kumamon

The wildly popular Kumamon, hailing from Japan’s Kumamoto Prefecture, comes in a range of loveable shapes and sizes.

4) Bluetooth Speakers

Find the best electronics that fit your lifestyle and take your technology and music on the go. With plenty of stylish Bluetooth speakers in a variety of colours and sizes, earbuds, and headphones, enjoy your music anytime and anywhere.

5) Plushies

Super soft, cute and snuggly. Whether treating yourself to one, or shopping for a gift, it’s hard to just bring home one plush toy.

6) Stationeries

As a one stop shop for well-designed stationery, MINISO carries high-quality notebooks, journals, pens, markers, and more for your work, school or artistic needs. Designed with a focus on style, colour, and function, you’ll find everything from cute stationery to sophisticated designs.

7) Travel Accessories

Travelling can be stressful for some, but let MINISO take the stress out of packing. From mini travel-friendly containers, to trendy passport holders in a variety of colours, let MINISO help you get ready to jet set the world.

8) Water Bottles

Drinking water never looked so stylish. Stay hydrated with MINISO’s signature glass water bottle wrapped in a soft silicone, from bright neons to muted hues. Adorable, convenient and fits in most cup holders!

9) Homeware 

You’d be surprised to find cutlery, tea infuser mugs, wine accessories, and bakingware at MINISO, but they truly are a Japanese variety store. These functional glasses come in a two-pack, however, sorry – delicious cocktail not included!

10) Fashion Accessories

Stay on top of the latest fashion trends with find the latest must-have jewellery, sunglasses, statement pieces, and timepieces. With products starting at $2.99 it’s easy to add a little extra flair and update your style!

These 10 items are just a portion of what you can expect to see at MINISO. So bring a friend, drop by the store, and happy shopping!